GoldenRule Homewatch

We helped create the logo, brand, and initial website for this premium home watch and concierge service business in Northern Virginia.

Golden Rule Homewatch is a company that utilizes advanced environmental sensors and a personalized human touch to care for and monitor its clients homes when they are away.

We helped Golden Rule establish their brand and develop an aesthetic that blend the pillars of their business model: technology and a personal touch.

They also wanted to convey their value and represent their affluent client base by using elements that suggest their apparent value.In addition to designing their website and guiding them through launching their web presence, we’ve designed numerous iterations of their logo to be used in media ranging from digital communications to embroidered clothing.

Graphic Elements

This client needed to be able to create cohesive documents such as slide show presentations and email templates. So we gave them elements that can help them unify and reinforce their brand.

Website Design

We always design our sites with our client’s ongoing needs in mind. We try to make sure that what we create can be maintained and adjusted within the clients means and as often and quickly as needed.

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